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  1. Mortgage – Where can I get good financing on a mortgage. Have you worked with a mortgage specialist in the past and had a good experience with them?- Blog about it!
  2. Other Real Estate Service Providers – Who are some title companies or inspectors you would recommend?
  3. Real Estate Agents in other Markets – Do you focus on a particular market but periodically get leads from individuals a little too far? Write a blog post about other agents you recommend from those markets.
  4. Real Estate Agent Specialities – Do you only want to focus on properties that are $1M plus? Maybe you’re a condo specialist? Write an article about other real estate agents who you would recommend for the target audiences you don’t want to service.
  5. Home Decor – Have you worked with any interior decorators? Recommend them and include some photos of work they’ve done on a particular project for you.
  6. Qualifying for a Loan – What do I need to qualify? What can I do if my credit sucks?
  7. Refinancing – When should I refinance?

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